The meeting to commemorate the life and work of
professor emeritus Marin Buble


Marin Buble

Professor emeritus MARIN BUBLE, Ph. D.


At the end of November 2014, we were saddened by the loss of Professor Marin Buble, Ph. D. who left an indelible mark in the development of science and practice in the field of organization and management, and who is rightly considered one of the most important scientists in this field in Croatia and in the wider region.

Throughout the scientific community he had been recognized as the main advocate and pioneer of introducing organization and management courses in the departments of higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia. During his personal and professional life at the Faculty of Economics in Split, where he spent the most of his career, he had immensely affected the development and reputation of the Faculty. Likewise, over the years, he had actively participated on a number of scientific and professional projects and had taken part in the work and development of higher education institutions in the country as well as abroad.

Professor Buble was also known as a prolific author who left behind 30 books and hundreds of scientific and professional papers.

For his work, Marin Buble was given the Award of the City of Split, as well as the award for a lifetime achievement by the Faculty of Economics in Split. He was also given recognition for successful work in leading and editing the international scientific journal Management - Journal of Contemporary Issues, and he was awarded the high Medal of the Order of the Croatian Danica by the President of the Republic of Croatia.


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