Island Cruise

(16th April, 2016)

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Just like the streets of Dubrovnik were not built to be seen by carriage but by foot it is certain that the best views of the Dubrovnik region are from the sea. The historical Galleon is certainly the best stage for such scenery. During this cruise you will see the three most beautiful islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago – Koločep. Lopud and Šipan commonly known as the Elafiti islands.The old legend of the islands is hidden in its name-about the old Greeks hunting for deer and subsequently naming the islands the Deer islands. Green islands, with gardens full of oranges and lemons and lovely seashore landscapes, charming and picturesque villages with harmonious architecture of summer manors; old seaman´s houses and little votive churches.We will visit the island of Lopud. The island is famous for its sandy beaches, in particular the bay of Šunj. Lopud is the second largest island of the Elaphiti islands,between Koločep and Šipan. Economically the most developed island of the Elaphiti is famous as the "island in the middle". Lopud, the only settlement, is located in a bay from where there is a path that leads to the sandy Bay of Sunj on the far side of the island. Lopud was more settled in the past than it is today. The chronicles tell us of how it had 2 monasteries, 30 churches and a significant number of summer manors and palaces at the end of the XVI century, of which only a small portion remains. Touristically, Lopud is the most developed island in the Elaphite archipelago, and the settlement of Lopud is one of the most frequented of island places.


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13:00-13:30 – boarding and departure from Port Gruž (snack on board)
14:30 – arrival to Lopud and free time
15:30 – departure from Lopud
16:30 – arrival to Port Gruž and transfers to the hotels

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