Darko Tipurić, Marina Dabić



1.     MER Model of Integral Management

Janko Belak, Mojca Duh, Jernej Belak

2.    A Comprehensive Review of Servant Leadership: Recent Advances, Current Thought

              Selin Metin Camgoz, Pınar Bayhan Karapınar

3.    Business Process Orientation in Striving for Strategy Success

Marli Gonan Božac, Morena Paulišić

4.    Performance Outcome of Management Innovation

Muamer Bezdrob, Aziz Šunje

5.    Teams management: conflict and organizational behaviour

Massimo Franco, Francesca Di Virgilio, Loredana Di Pietro

6.    Usage of managerial tools in Republic of Croatia

Marina Dabić, Iva Zorko

7.    Corporate performance driven by intellectual capital: An empirical analysis

Stevo Janošević, Vladimir Dženopoljac, Rajko Tepavac

8.    Implementation of strategic decisions in enacted environment

Domagoj Hruška, Ivan Kovač, Ivana Kovač

9.    Competency-based human resource management: the case of Russia

Galina Gagarinskaya, Anna Bykova, Yuliya Gorbunova, Elena Miuller, Olga Kalmykova, Irina Kuznetcova, Aleksandr Gagarinskiy

10.  Innovation management, leadership styles and creativity

Ivona Vrdoljak Raguž

11.  Firm Vision and Policy Innovations toward Social Responsibility for Firm’s Long-Term Survival

Tjaša Štrukelj, Matjaž Mulej, Simona Sternad

12.  The role of organizational culture in the implementation process of changes in organization

Adisa Delic

13.  Horizontal management as a result of business process modelling

Angelina Dolgaya




14.  Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance and Performance

Mauro Romano

15.  Ownership concentration and supervisory board efficiency: evidence from Croatian
public firms

Darko Tipurić, Marina Mešin

16.  Governance, risk management and business effectiveness in global firms

Daniela Salvioni

17.  Risk management, a key process of corporate governance: Analysis of the related effects on organisational behaviour

Filippo Vitolla, Michele Rubino

18.  Challenges and perspectives in fraud prevention and detection for management

Boris Tušek, Ana Klikovac

19.  Top management turnover from stewardship theory perspective

Darko Tipurić, Najla Podrug

20.  Informal institutions and corporate governance: a literature review

Mirjana Kuljak

21.  The Control of the Corporate Governance Code by the Italian Board of Statutory Auditors

Fabio La Rosa

22.  Corporate Governance in the Republic of Macedonia

Maja Sukleva



23.  Stakeholders as entrepreneurial resources and firm-level entrepreneurial behaviour: Empirical evidence from Croatia

Darko Tipurić, Marina Lovrinčević

24.  “Incubation after Incubation” of High-Tech Start-Ups?

Manuela Gabriele Reinisch, Christoph Winkler, Jochen Kerschenbauer, Andreas Flanschger, Bernd Markus Zunk

25.  Technological assets and entrepreneurship an investment for organizational performance

Rodrigo Martín-Rojas, Nuria Gonzalez-Alvarez, Víctor J. García-Morales

26.  Corporate entrepreneurship and firm’s performance: Is there a clear-cut relationship?

Marina Lovrinčević, Dejan Kružić

27.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development

Maja Levi Jakšić

28.  The Microeconomic Foundations of Entrepreneurship

Taki Fiti, Vladimir Filipovski

29.  Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI) for the Western Balkan countries

Bahrija Umihanić, Mirela Omerović

30.  Determinants of entrepreneurial success: the case of Bulgaria

Tzvetan Davidkov, Irena Mladenova

31.  An economic analysis of the structural problem of the function of Research and Development in relation to firm size in Italy

Alessandro Ruggieri, Enrico Maria Mosconi, Cecilia Silvestri, Alessio Maria Braccini, Stefano Poponi, Elsa Serpico

32.  Manufacturing in Malta: Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Implications

Frank H. Bezzina , Joseph Falzon, Martin M. Zammit

33.  Entrepreneurial Orientation, Small Business Orientation and Firm Performance: Case studies in Micro Firms (from 2008 to 2011)

Ana Cláudia Rodrigues, António Caetano

34.  How did international financial markets react
to the global financial crisis?

Huseyin Yilmaz

35.  Entrepreneurship in Transitional and Challenging Environments

Besnik Krasniqi


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Darko Tipuric tn Darko Tipurić is a Full Professor of Management and Organization at Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and a Visiting Fellow of Leeds Metropolitan University. He is the author of more than a hundred scientific and expert papers in the field of management in Croatia and abroad and is the author, co-author and editor of 11 books. He is the head and lead researcher on several scientific projects in Croatia and the head of the Croatian research team on the EMIS-European Manufacturing Innovation Survey project. Professor Tipurić is a director of the MBA Program at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb and a co-director of the Postgraduate program “Strategy and Corporate Governance”. He is a member of numerous domestic and international organizations and professional associations: Croatian Economists Society (member of  the Board), British Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, European Corporate Governance Institute, Business & Economics Society International, Global Business and Technology Association,  International Council for Small Business, Asia-Pacific Forum For Small Business, European Federation of Employee Ownership Society, National Centre for Employee Ownership, Roland Berger Academic Network and of Croatian association of certified board members (Honorary President).
Marina Dabic tn Marina Dabic is Full Professor of Entrepreneurship and International Business at Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia and Senior Fellow of the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, Florida International University, USA. She published more than 100 papers in international journals including: Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, European Management Journal, Thunderbird Business Review, Management Decision, Journal of Manpower etc. She is the editor of the International Journal of Innovation Systems, Inderscience. She participated in more than 60 conferences all around world. She has been grant holder of several EU Projects. In 2004 she was visiting Professor at Strathclyde University, Scotland sponsored by EU. Currently, she is a grant holder of EU JP TEMPUS Project: Fostering Entrepreneurships in Higher Education- FoSentHE with 12 partners.

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The CIRU's program involves long-term strategic mapping, monitoring, databasing and applied research. We provide knowledge and advice necessary to support strategic decision-making in the private and public sectors. In-depth expertise has been gained in the following industries: agriculture, chemicals, engineering, finance, food production, infrastructure (water and wastewater utilities, energy) logistics, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

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